Well drilling

We build wells to obtain drinking water from aquifers, this solution allows communities to have water permanently and instantly eliminating various barriers to access to water resources.


One of the most effective, but also most expensive, solutions is to obtain water from the subsoil. This requires a prior hydrogeological and geophysical analysis that determines the characteristics of the soil and the depth of the aquifer.

These aquifers are natural reservoirs of rainwater that filters through the earth and rocks and is stored underground, maintaining its properties. Currently more than 30% of the earth’s total freshwater is found below the surface.

Agricultural, livestock, industrial and mining activities can be a source of contamination of these waters, so we consider that the well solves the problem of supply but not always that of drinkability.


A closed well has a natural protection that prevents water from having direct contact with animals or waste.

A safe water well, maintained and used sparingly, can last forever. It is a permanent solution.

The price of a well is very variable and will depend on its depth; between 30-150 meters, the cost of materials and labor is very different. An approximate estimate could be between 5,000 and 15,000 euros.

To extract groundwater, a pump is necessary. This can be manual or electric, and the latter can be activated with a gasoline generator, connected to the grid or through photovoltaic energy.

Once the well is built, obtaining water is very simple. If you have a manual pump, you will have to do the pumping activity. If you have an electric pump, the water is taken to a tank and a conventional tap is used.

In practically any rural and peri-urban area we would find underground water, what varies is the distance between the surface and the water table.

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