Range Filter

Microbiological ultrafiltration (bacteria, parasites, protozoa …) is employed to purify water from van, camper, and boat tanks as well as from cisterns and wells in rural homes.

Filter type

The technology of this filter is a capillary membrane with microporous structure of 0.01 microns (μm), made of polyethersulfone, more commonly known as UF hollow fiber membrane. It works by physically separating of pathogens that are trapped inside the filter according to their size.

UF hollow fiber membranes have many advantages over other types of filtration:

No need for chemicals (coagulants, flocculants, disinfectants, pH adjustments).

Filtration by size exclusion is different from depth media filtration, adsorption or chlorination.

Proper and consistent quality of the treated water in terms of elimination of particles and microorganisms, regardless of the initial quality of the water, whether it comes from a river, rain or a well.

Its installment is extremely simple, attaching the pipe or hose to a half-inch inlet and outlet connection.

It has a lifespan of 30,000 liters (depending on turbidity) so there is no need to change the filtering surface. When the filter is clogged, a complete replacement is required.


Monnegre Range Filter Ficha-2

Designed for camper vehicles, boats or country houses

Manufactured and designed in Spain

Lifespan up to 30,000 Liters / clogging

Immediate protection

Flow rate 14L/min @3 bar (43 PSI)

Pressure @1-5 bar

Resistant to thermal shocks and chlorination

In/out connection 1/2″ inches (BSP)

Sterile filtration (FDA)

ISO 22196 certified

Monnegre Range Filter Ficha (2)

The Pathogens it filters

The certified filtration is of sterile grade as it provides a reduction of more than 9 logarithmic scales at a technical level, meaning a retention of >109 cfu / cm2 of the filter medium. (The FDA considers filtration to be sterile when the retention is equal to or greater than 7 logarithmic scales.) The following table shows the relative sizes of various forms of microorganisms, considering that the Monnegre Range Filter achieves a filtering effectiveness of 0.01 microns (μm):




Giardia lamblia
Ovoidal cyst
Entamoeba histolytica
Fungi, yeast

5-15 x 10-20
6 x 10
15 x 25
10 x 15

Bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella, Legionella, etc.)

Spherical (cocci)
Rod shaped (bacilli)
Escherichia Coli (feces)
Rod-Shaped, Curved (vibrios)
Spiral Shaped (spirilla)


0.3-1.5 x 1-10
0.5 x 2.0
0.4-2 x 1.0-10
< length 50
< length 100

Hepatitis A

Proteins (104-10Kdalton)
Antibiotics, polypeptides



Considering all of the above, combined with its portability, durability and effectiveness, this is one of the solutions we implement in the projects we carry out in structurally impoverished countries to purify water.

If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact us and we will provide you with instructions on how to do it.

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