Methodology and solutions

Methodology and solutions

We use the most up-to-date international cooperation methodologies and implement the solutions that best suit each context.

project cycle

The projects we develop follow a chronological order of stages starting from the initial contact to project closure. We take care of each phase to minimize unforeseen circumstances and be able to anticipate them.


It is very crucial to adapt the solution according to the needs provided by the Local Entity. 

Once those needs are identified, possible approaches are jointly proposed, which will vary for each context and project depending on physical factors (such as terrain, water resources …), cultural factors (comfort with technology), economic factors or maintenance requirements.

The solutions are focused, although not limited, on addressing issues that affect the right to access water and sanitation (DHAS).


By implementing storage tanks, we ensure a continuous and sufficient water supply.


Different types of treatment, analysis and filtration methods to make sure it is healthy and safe for consumption.


Bringing water closer to the points of consumption with rainwater harvesting systems, wells, and pipelines for collection.


Ensuring that all families can afford access to safe water (less than 3% of their monthly income) is a priority.


“Community Philanthropy” is the methodology that we follow for the development of the projects, it consists of an exchange relationship between equals with the beneficiary communities in which these are the center of their own development, playing an active and leading role in combating inequalities and the niequalities they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The communities themselves are the most capable, who decide the appropriate processes for their context and determine how the support they receive from NGOs should be, always promoting collaboration, good governance, distribution of resources and participation.

Only in this way can projects make sense, be fair and successful in the long term, with the beneficiaries themselves taking responsibility and action.


The Globally South Communities is a concept without hierarchical connotations that refers to countries that have an interconnected history of colonialism and neocolonialism. They also have a social and economic structure with huge inequalities in living standards, life expectancy or access to resources. Some regions of the world that currently do not have the same rights as others, which we consider tremendously unfair.

Although Manare works with Globally South Communities, we use our voice to denounce and hold the enriched countries of the North accountable for much of the inequalities and for perpetuating the situation of the structurally impoverished countries of the South. To name a few examples, through the exploitation of natural resources such as mining and agriculture, through contracts with corrupt governments, arms sales that cause internal wars, external debt that is much higher than national GDP, among others.

The so-called neocolonialism that subdues the dominance of some regions of the planet over others. Therefore, as an NGO, our commitment is to add to this co-responsibility in the great global problems so that all people, companies and institutions come together to guarantee equal rights for all people anywhere in the world.

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