Manare is born through people. That’s why our greatest resource (and our greatest value) is also people. We are very united by the mission that has brought us here. Together we celebrate every small step we take and share the adversities that arise to learn and grow as a team.

Facing a problem as significant as water requires an incredible team with innovative and committed leaders, that is why each of these people makes this project very special and very human.


Gloria Borrego


Óscar Cambralla

Project Coordinator

Valeriano López

Colombia Management

Pepe Coquillat

Web Developer

Francisca Nabais

Social Media

Lorena Castaño

HR & Grants

Pablo Adrover

Communication Consultant

Karen Contreras

Graphic Designer

Viviana Guereschi

Project Manager

Angelo Arnone

Project Operations

Marta San José

Social Media

Manare is formed by a team of volunteers full of positive energy, with diverse and complementary abilities, from different corners of the world, and with a great desire and enthusiasm to see this spring grow. If you have some time and this project interests you, contact us and join this team.

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